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Entry #1

Iam working on a project! now Iam going to spend time with it

2013-04-07 16:36:07 by Zennycool

It takes probarly 4 weeks or 2 months


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2013-04-10 14:26:48

thank you for your comment on my animation to let you know I also sent a comment to your animation to give you moral support so that you in the future make Even better animations

(Updated ) Zennycool responds:

Thank you dude :) i meant amazing on the story part of your animation


2013-04-12 09:09:24

HEY hi there friend I see you become my fan ej tell me what forced you to do that is it becose of my Animation,The comment i sent you an that walking animation of yours ha tell me.


2013-04-13 15:09:01

Hey friend i post a new video by the name This is one Scary Video you wanna see it just go to my NewGrounds channel and check it out

Zennycool responds:



2013-04-24 08:50:05

Hey Zenny do you want to be my Facebook friend Yesterday I signed my self to the site just go to my
Newgrounds channel

Zennycool responds:

Yes! add me Zennycool Animator on Facebook


2013-05-06 06:20:14